The distance we have come in 2022

Here we are getting kids and adults alike to help clean the streets up. Our children learn from how we behave and the responsibility we show is what the children will follow, so we lead by good example. Leaving the streets like this can lead to illness, disease and more. Cleaning it before it goes there and keeping the environment happy will make them happy. This is just one step in the right direction. Our goal is far bigger and we intend to achieve it!
Day or night if we can give the kids a plate of food, cup of soup, just something in their tummies, to fill them up, put a smile on their faces, we will strive to do just that. No child should ever go hungry.

Early 2022

When others reach out to help and in this case Spar Vangate mall answered that call and we are very grateful! 

Fun with the kids

Interacting with the kids playing football is a great way to relate to them and through this communicate with them and get them to communicate about their problems and be someone that they can recognize as safe to communicate to. In this way we can better help them achieve their goals.

Giving a child a meal and knowing they will not go to bed hungry brings a smile to our faces. This is a small step, and we want so much more for them!


Ways to help

1. Join on hikes with the kids
2. Help teach the kids skills
3. Donate to a child's education
4. Donate

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