Our Passion

Nothing makes us happier than putting a smile on a child's face. They are our future, and by taking care of our youth today and creating a better future for them, where they are not dragged out onto the streets forced to join gangs, take drugs to list a few of the terrible things that can transpire. We at SCOUTS are the bridge for them to the other side where the youth involve themselves with nature, education and constructive activities. That is our passion and drive!

Ways to contribute

There are a great many ways to contribute in the way of making a difference in the lives of the children. Get in touch and find out more. See some of our contributors below.


We love taking the children on hikes. This is an opportunity to enjoy nature and get out of the rough environment that they typically grow up in.


This can help in a great many way from purchasing school items for kids, putting a plate of food on the table or even getting them off the street. It also helps to keep us going as a Non Profit Organization.

Other contributions

Other contributions can be donations of text books, setting up special days for the children such as something educational or to loosen up from the stressful environments they come from. Food contributions are welcome too. Long term would be setting up a center for them that is not just for getting them off the streets but to create an educational environment for them as well.
Thank you Spar Vangate Mall

We just want to give a big thanx to Spar in Vangate Mall for the R3000 Voucher as our Name was selected as 1 of the 5 winners🙏❤🤗

Thank you Mr. Parker

We would like to extend thanks to Mr. Parker for printing the t-shirts for us. His business went out of their way to do this for us at no cost, and we will be forever grateful for his contribution towards our cause. As you can see the children are very grateful for the t-shirts too.

Thank you Boxer

We want to thank BOXER for donating food items to our cause. With their contribution we were able to give food to the hungry children in Bonteheuwel. Thank you so much from us and the children!

For great food and food specials feel free to visit your local BOXER store

Thank you to International Panel Shop Cape Town

Great thanks to International Panel Shop for donating to our cause and helping us keep youth off the streets. With their assistance we are able to do more for the youth, empowering them and keeping them away from getting onto a bad path. Thank you so much, to the International Panel Shop team!

International Panel Shop
Thank you Prinymity

We want to acknowledge and thank Prinymity for building this website for Scouts and donating it to our cause in helping the children and youth of today to lead better lives. 

Anonymous donations

Is is understandable that not all want to receive acknowledgement on a public platform and so we thank all those who donate anonymously and greatly appreciate what you are doing for the youth of South Africa!   

Ways to help

1. Join on hikes with the kids
2. Help teach the kids skills
3. Donate to a child's education
4. Donate

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