How it all began

The passion really started in the first lockdown. With Covid-19 so many peoples' lives turned upside down and in worse cases, people lost their loved ones.

To do something like hiking with the kids and youth was our way of reaching out to them, to show them that there was something more and that life must go on. We never went on hikes ever in our lives, even as kids because of the way that we were brought up. The environment was tough on us and hiking or doing anything else never crossed our minds, because we only knew what was in front of us and around us. This kept us disconnected from nature and living life to its' fullest. 

we needed to do something for the kids and we decided the only way is to take them out of the area; away from any negativity, so that they can see there is a life out there to live and that life can be much more brighter. By taking them on these hiking trips they are able to interact with friends, interact with nature and take a break from the negativity. Our aim is to expand upon this, creating more activities for the kids, educational and fun activities to help them grow and see the world and all it has to offer.

Meet the team

Warren October
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My Desire is to see and to make a difference in these Kids lives. That's why I have the Passion to see a greater Future in these Children's Lives to become a lawyer a Doctor, etc and to encourage them - that is most important along with education. Their education is very important.

Mobile: +27 71 799 0196

Manuel Jaggers
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My purpose and dream is to see that kids of all ages and races don't have to struggle and face what I had to face when I was a Yong boy on the streets, in lack of thinking of where my next meal will come from and having no vision and direction for the future, I would love to help and get guidance for them so that they can be educated and build because they are our Future.

Mobile: +27 76 378 2264

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No child should be refused an education. We are interested and invested heart and soul into making sure that we help where we can if a child cannot afford to go to school, needs a uniform, stationary. We want to be there for them and make sure the children have what they need to grow and one be the pillars of this great nation.

Mobile: +27 69 554 0898

Ways to help

1. Join on hikes with the kids
2. Help teach the kids skills
3. Donate to a child's education
4. Donate

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